Online Bingo in South Africa

By 21 January 2021

Bingo holds a special place in the hearts of South African gamblers. With the popularity of online casinos increasing, it is now possible to play Bingo from the comfort of your home or mobile. Click here { } for your online casino guide to internet gambling in South Africa. Learn more about online Bingo, promotions and casino services.

Where did Bingo originate?

Whereas Bingo's origins lie in Italy in the 1600s with a lottery-based game, the modern version of the Bingo we know today evolved in US country fairs where dealers would select numbered discs from old cigar boxes and participating players would mark their numbers off their cards with beans. They would shout "Beano!" if they win.

A New York toy salesman Edwin Lowe renamed the game Bingo after overhearing a person mispronouncing 'beano'. In the 1930s the game was used to raise funds for churches and has spread since. Even though gambling is prohibited in some US states, the fund-raising aspect of it remained. Today the game is enjoyed worldwide in land-based and online casinos.

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What are the rules of Bingo?

Although the rules of online Bingo differ between casinos, the basic premise of the game is the same all over. Online Bingo comes in three variants, 75-ball, 80-ball and 90-ball Bingo. The advantage of online Bingo is that the games progress at a faster pace than in a bingo hall or a land-based casino.

The first step to playing Bingo online is to purchase one or ore Bingo cards. Depending on the version of Bingo that you are playing, the cards will have a set of numbers printed on them. Online, the numbers are called out automatically via numbered balls that appear like in keno and marked off on the player's card.

How much can I win?

In South Africa the payouts vary between casinos and the value of the cards also differ. Basically, for you to have a greater chance at winning, the more you have to pay for the Bingo cards. Also, depending on the amount of players in the online bingo room, the payouts can vary from a few R100s up to R100,000s.

Can I practise for free?

South African players are generally nervous of gambling online due to the market being filled with illegal gambling sites. A good starting point is to find an online casino that offers free Bingo games. This allows players to investigate a casino's games while also practicing Bingo games to learn the rules and features.

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  • Play from different providers
  • Play on any device
  • No downloads required
  • No deposits needed

What is the difference between free play and real play games?

Player are not blamed for being sceptical about unscrupulous online casinos duping them with free play versions only to up the ante when playing for real. Any reputable online casino will offer the same version of its bingo games for free play as what it does for real play. This benefits the sceptical players.

How does free bingo benefit players?

The advantage of free Bingo running off the same random number generator as real Bingo, is that players can investigate the working of a casino before committing. Also, innovative Bingo features can be learned without deposits. If the free play experience appeals to the player, then he is more likely to sign up to win real money.